Avid Media Composer vs. Adobe Premiere: Die wichtigsten Fakten

Wenn es um Videobearbeitungssoftware im Jahr 2021 geht, gibt es zwei Programme, die sich durch ihre Fähigkeiten und ihre Beliebtheit bei den Benutzern auszeichnen. Das sind Avid Media Composer und Adobe Premiere. Beide Programme stehen ganz oben auf der Liste der Videobearbeitungsprogramme im Jahr 2021 und weisen viele Gemeinsamkeiten auf. In diesem Beitrag werden wir […]

The Best Ways to Share Photos Without Losing Quality

We’ve arrived at a point in time when we can take really great photos with just a phone camera — not to mention when we use professional equipment. However, while we can easily take high-quality photos, sharing large photo files online is a tedious, expensive and often disappointing process. So, what is the best way […]

AAC Files: How to Open, Convert, And Send Them?

When it comes to the most popular audio formats or file extensions, MP3 tops the list. But it isn’t the most efficient or best-sounding format out there. In fact, several audio formats outdo MP3s in every way possible. One of such formats is the AAC codec standard which is generally slightly better-sounding, takes up less […]

iPhone Video Format: How to Open or Convert a Video on iOS?

Latest iPhone model has improved features that allow you to have the best experience. With the latest iPhone 13 Pro max, you can capture and view a wide range of video formats due to the Apple ProRes feature. With this feature, you can record 4K and HD videos at different frame rates depending on your storage […]

Choosing the Best Cloud Storage for Videos in 2022

More videos mean you’d be needing more storage space. Unfortunately, many hard drives can barely keep up, especially if you’re an avid photographer. Besides, you risk losing your video files if your local storage gets corrupt or damaged. So, if you’ve got vacation snaps, home videos, or professional content you want to keep, consider using […]

How to Manage Your Blog with Cloud Storage

In present-day productivity, everything revolves around the net – or is at least levitating towards the use of the internet. Online filing systems, storage environments and blogs are the new normal. Although creating an online platform is taxing, once everything is completely uploaded online, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the most difficult […]